The Gestaporization/Militarization of Justice in the Camerounese State By Ntemfac Ofege

Let’s again foray into this new law on so-called terrorism, shall we?
Especially the hogwash justification being forced-fed the unwary by the Biya regime and its unabashed emblematic leeches, trolls and neo-apologists like one Joseph Mbah Ndam of the Social Democratic Front.
Now the Camerounese Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma Bakary, gave a Press Conference in Yaoundé on December 8 in which he distressingly failed to confute the following:
1. That Mr. Biya’s new law on so-called Terrorism targets anglophones;
2. That the law targets the Press;
3. That the law is contrived to prevent the citizens from rising against Mr. Biya’s failed regime a la Burkina Faso;
4. That the law re-institutes a Police Gestapo State and;
5. Especially, that the law will lead to an escalation of the already observed militarization of justice in the Camerounese State.
We have pointed out this case. Maxwell Oben is an Anglophone. He was arrested in a public transport vehicle by members of Mr. Biya’s guard who thought it scandalous that Mr. Oben should be reading a book by Che Guevara book in Buea just when Mr. Biya was coming to celebrate the so-called Cinquantennaire of the even more derisory and illusive re-unification that never was.
Mr. Biya’s guards figured that the fact that Mr. Oben, was reading this horrendous book is proof enough that Mr. Oben is a “subvert,” another Bin Laden, who had a major terrorist plot like riding the world of Paul Biya.
Arresting a citizen for reading a book is a tell-tale sign of a Gestapo state in training. The full-blown Gestapo state would soon burn all books adjudged “subversive.” Then they will bring back the “balancoire” and, like their American compradors resort to sleep deprivation, anal feeding and water-boarding of persons adjudged to be opposed to their nonsense. Then we will get to the Zionist blueprint written by an Occupier Israeli who recounted being present when a Palestinian was tortured – he was ordered to rape his own daughter, and when he refused, was stripped naked and made to crawl on the floor licking up broken glass with his tongue.
When Messrs Marafa, Oben, Fotso etc are released they would surely write books about conditions in Camerounese prisons. Those conditions may not be as horrific as the CIA “extraordinary renditions” as per the just published US Senate report rendered below but nothing says they will not be.
Detainees transported by the CIA by aircraft were typically hooded with their hands and feet shackled. The detainees wore large headsets to eliminate their ability to hear, and these headsets were typically affixed to a detainee’s head with duct tape that ran the circumference of the detainee’s head. CIA detainees were placed in diapers and not permitted to use the lavatory on the aircraft. Depending on the aircraft, detainees were either strapped into seats during the flights, or laid down and strapped to the floor of the plane horizontally like cargo.

Mr. Oben’s case is compounded by the fact that, like most of us who grew up in Southern Cameroons and speak this language, we are totally against colonization or its worst form – concolonization. Reason why we reject francophonization, francophone hegemony and francophone colonization with all in us. Don’t teach me your language.
I define concolonization as a form of expansionism wherein a former trust territory qua French Cameroun is in the process of annexing, subsuming, francophonizing and subjugating Southern Cameroons, itself a brotherly former trust territory.
Mr. Oben is scheduled to appear before the Military Tribunal for that “crime against the security of the state.”
On October 28, 2014, three Camerounese journalists, Messrs Félix Cyriaque EBOLE BOLA, journalist, operative with Mutations newspaper and president of the Camerounese Syndicate of Journalists; Mr. Rodrigue TONGUE of Le Messager newspaper and Mr. BABA WAME, journalist and lecturer at the University of Yaoundé’s School of Journalism, were arraigned before the Yaoundé Military tribunal on charges of colluding with terrorism by not passing on information about alleged terrorist activities to the police, the gendarmes and the military.
The Camerounese military now expect journalists to be good citizens by snitching i.e. pass on information about those that oppose the government or those that are friends of those that oppose the government.
This is exactly how a police or Gestapo state works. Citizens are transformed into snitches and Judas Iscariots who trade-off each other at every opportunity. This is called the Judas Iscariotization of the state.
It happens that the investigation had nothing to do with terrorism but rather with a lawyer, Barrister Abdoulaye Harissou, president of the Camerounese Union of Notaries, known supporter of the jailed former minister of state for territorial administration, Mr. Marafa Hamidou Yaya and also known to have presidential ambitions.
The Biya regime wanted to know if Mr. Harissou had plans of evicting Mr. Biya by military force in his mind. And, the regime expected the journalists to provide them with details about Mr. Harissou.
Mr. Harissou is the president of the Camerounese Union of Notaries. It is but normal that his phone calls go forth to journalists and vice versa, you see.
As if hounding journalists who may have known Mr. Harissou is not enough the manner in which Mr. Harissou was arrested is most suggestive of Gestapo tactics or the antics of Nicholai Ceausescu’s Securitate or the even closer CENER and the BMM.
On Wednesday, August 27, 2014 Mr. Harissou was summoned by the governor of the Far North province to be in his office at 11 am. The governor had arranged with the Directorate of External Research, the organ that took over from Cameroun’s Securitate or CENER to pick him up. by the Governor of the Far North Region, Midjiyawa Bakari , head of the Region notified the notary before officers DGRE he ‘ arrest and the gentlemen of the intelligence services were there to take him to Yaoundé . ”
The point I am making is that every law creates the structure, the infrastructure and the super-structure of its application. The devil, they say, is always in the detail. The procedure in the Camerounese state is for a law to have what is called a “decret d’application”. This often gives the administration the latitude to claw back on freedoms and/or raise the devil. For example, the 1962 ordinance on terrorism (which has not been abrogated) created a horrific institution CENER and a Kyrie of nationwide torture chambers cum political prisons called BMMs operated by torture superintendents like the ghoulish Jean Fochive. Many Camerouneses were disappeared by CENER and the BMM.
CENER is today known as the DGRE or the Direction Generale de la Recherche Exterieure. They are the people keeping Barrister Harissou in their gulag.
Mr. Maxwell Oben, the three journalists and Barrister Harissou are examples enough to tell us all that we are heading full-steam towards the militarization, the Gestaporization and the Judas Iscariotization of the Camerounese state. These are not members of Boko Haram, these are ordinary citizens arrested because of their right to freedoms; freedom to read a book, freedom to practice journalism, freedom to have a conscience and the freedom to object to a very bad government.
It has been pointed out, succinctly, that all the terms of reference the new law are already in the Camerounese Penal Code. Meaning that a new law when the provisions of the old have not been repeal is the vintage redundancy typical of an incompetent leadership of a quasi failed state. Moreover, the Camerounese state already operates like a prototypical police state. The bloody place is carved up into “blocs” headed by a “chef de bloc” who is on the payroll of the ministry of territorial administration and required to make periodic reports on events in the “bloc” to the sub-divisional officer or the “chef de terre.” The “chefs de blocs” are all informants and they have other informants, especially members of the CPDM and retired military, police and gendarme hands, working for them.
As if the above is not enough, the Gendarmerie Brigade Terres or Brigade Territoriale and the Brigades Mobiles of the Police are paramilitary units ever ready to jump-start the next hot pursuit of persons characterized as “subverts.” Generally these “subverts” and poor devils standing up for the violation of one freedom or another or one liberty or another. The paramilitary units are under the command of the sous-prefets or chefs terre, an unelected curiosity appointed by the president who lord it like little presidents in this area of jurisdiction.
While a sophisticated society could be expected to use an FBI and effective technology to fish out genuine terrorists, a Banana Republic, and the Camerounese state is an over-ripe banana, would count on its informants, its indics and its snitches to garner information. We all know that these methods are not only ineffective but they can also be used to settle scores.
Why was I not surprised to read this claptrap from one Mbah Ndam, the so-called leader of the SDF Group in parliament. Mr. Mbah Ndam declared to a local newspaper that:

“Our fight since 1990 brought liberty and freedom and now if you were to be charged of offenses provided by this law and you are to go before the military tribunal, one guarantee you have there first is that they are trained magistrates even though they are military people who are sitting there. Secondly any decision of theirs is subject to appeal to the regional court of appeal where you will have civil magistrates sitting. Any decision by that civil magistrate or the civil appeal court that does not satisfy you, you have the right to go to the Supreme Court and even if you are condemned to death after the Supreme Court decision, there is still there is still the application for grace, for mercy by the head of state, so I want to say it is due process that exists. Secondly if you were to be arrested that you were marching, it must be proven that you were carrying out a terrorist act and what constitutes a terrorist act is a question of law, of international law.”

How disembodied from reality! Pure wishful thinking absolute baloney if not muddying the waters! Translated, the above Mbah Ndamish gobbledygook is that, having been enticed by the regime, Mr. Mbah Ndam, and, by inference, the SDF are for the militarization of justice in Cameroun, the Gestaporization of the judicial apparel and the Judas Iscariotization of the citizenry.
Mr Mbah Ndam’s offensive bleating did not consider a given in all crusades for freedoms and liberty to wit:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
A law, invented by persons who do not derive their just powers from the consent of the governed but by election fraud, and which law deprives the citizen of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness cannot be justified. A law that creates a Gestapo state and turns its own citizens into Judas Iscariots while at the same time militarizing its judiciary cannot be explained. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in every state commences with the right not to be arrested for freedoms and liberties, especially sedition, in all forms? The right to sedition is guaranteed in a democracy. It is called the freedom of conscience ie the right to disagree with the leader’s policies and politics especially when those policies fit the bill of an invention from the land called Morontia. Believe it or not, a democracy mandates the state and the government to allow the Anarchist to pursue his or her happiness, happily.
The fact, however, is that people (like this Mbah Ndam) talk about bringing liberties, freedoms and democracy without being democrats let alone knowing what exactly democracy is all about. There are 09 items that distinguish Lincolnian polyarchy or democracy from other forms of government. Freedom of knowledge, freedom, belief, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of conscience, freedom of enterprise, freedom of settlement, freedom of movement, freedom of association and religion, freedom of trade unions, freedom and fairness of elections, grassroots governance or power to the people, a state of law and the respect of the law, etc. all blend together to give freedom of economic enterprise and governance that cater for the general wellbeing of the people.
What the SDF did it 1990 was to force the injection of association or multipartism into the Cameroonian dispensation. Forcing multipartism into a political structure and functions is not bringing democracy.
Mr. Mbah Ndam ought to be also told that justice delayed is justice denied. Proof of that? Mr. Maxwell Oben will soon be one year in detention even as he prays to have his day in court, court being arraigned to the Military Tribunal for reading a book. Consequently, what is this arrant nonsense from this Mbah Ndam fellow about trained magistrates in the Military Tribunals and Courts of Appeal? Is Mbah Ndam such a dunce that he does not know that the Jacobin Napoleonic system in the Camerounese state not only operates on the “guilty until proven innocent” precept but that system is irredeemably corrupt, managed by persons of very low moral stature who derive their substance and sustenance by pandering to whims and caprices of the Supreme Allied Commander in Chief of the Magistracy, Emperor of the State and its only Fondeur de Pouvoir? How long does it take for the Camerounese justice system to prove a victim innocent?
When was the last time this Mbah Ndam fellow attended court?
In all fairness to Mr. Mbah Ndam, a belletician gone ballistic, it is known both here and there that the ma is a major disaster as a lawyer (see the sheer number of SDF cases he botched by sheer incompetence) and with the system he is now part of money talks and bullshit walks.
What is it they say about belletics and belleticians: “belle go befo, country go fo back.”
Even when Abdoulaye Harissou, his colleague, is arrested.