Maxwell Oben: Jailed by the Camerounese Gvt for Reading Che Guevara

Mr Maxwell Oben is an anglophone, hence a Southern Cameroonian or an Ambazonian. Like all of us, especially me, Ntemfac Aloysius Nkong Nchwete Ofege, he is against the colonization of the Southern Cameroons. By the way, who is not? When Mr Biya decided to manifest his total colonization of Southern Cameroons by marching his soldiers to Buea under the pretext that there was a thing called Re-unification whose 50th anniversary was being celebrated in the 53rd, the ever-curious Maxwell Oben went to Buea. Mr Biya’s gendarmes stopped the car in which Maxwell Oben was riding. They found Mr Oben sitting peacefully therein and reading a book by Che Guevara. Now we all know that Che Guevara is the mentor of all past, present and future folks who reject INJUSTICE and Colonization. The gendarmes arrested Mr Oben. In flagrant violation of his rights they deported him to Yaounde to be tried by the Military Tribunal. In the Camerounese State reading a book could be adjudged ‘subversive and seditious,’ you see? That could lead you to the Military Tribunal and the Death Penalty. Mr Oben is this minute sitting in the Buea Prison where he has been held since 2013, waiting his fate. Permit me point out that Mr Maxwell Oben was arrested under the Old Law and the Old Penal Code. The Biya regime has reinforced that Death Penalty.
Maxwell Oben