Cameroon Prescribes Death Penalty for Sedition

Let’s face the face and this for the education of the Camerounese Minister of Misinformation one Issa Tchiroma Bakary. The Camerounese State has a population of 20M. The last time I checked, mr Biya is said to have won presidential elections with less than 2.000.000 votes, mainly because he had disenfranchised most of his countrymen thereby preventing them from voting. Disenfranchising voters is called election fraud. Election fraud is a shameful parameter of the vast corruption which the Camerounese State is famous for. Mr. Biya’s party, the CPDM of Corrupt Persons Demonstrating Malevolence, thrives in election fraud. Hence the circa 140 members that the CPDM has in the National Assembly were voted in through a very fraudulent process. I am saying that Mr Biya is a minority president, head of a minority party that came into power by fraud. Now Lincolnian polyarchy, or democracy, is the rule of the majority. A minority party, made up of very corrupt fraudsters has no business passing laws bounded upon the majority like the New Law on so-called Terrorism which actually prescribes the DEATH PENALTY on persons involved in sedition ie persons who criticizing the government. That law is designed to prevent a Burkina Faso style popular insurrection against the very corrupt CPDM regime. That law especially targets anglophones, or Southern Cameroonians, who are flint-faced bent on ending the colonization of their country and state by the con-colonial regime in Yaounde. Colonization, assimilation, subjugation, are crimes against humanity.