Marafa Hamidou Yaya Nakeds the Yaounde Dictator: How Biya Goofed. Time for Biya to Go;

Open letter from Mr. Hamidou Yaya Marafa to President of the Republic of Cameroon.
Mr. President,
Monday 16 April 2012, I was summoned by the investigating judge of the High Court of Mfoundi and imprisoned at the prison Kondengui, without further ado.
You certainly had to learn that I have requested the disqualification of the judge who came to see me on his own and, earnestly, asked me to we “arrangions” so that it instruct the file in a way that would support me! I naturally refused his proposal.
I realized you had at the time, thinking that the Chairman of the Judiciary would be moved.
Need I remind you, Mr. President, it is I who have sought, by correspondence dated May 7, 2008 addressed to you, to be heard by the competent judicial authorities, in order to contribute and give my testimony to the truth in this scandalous affair that you know better than anyone else because it regularly informed of the process of acquiring your plane that you follow daily.
You know that my incarceration has nothing to do with this case for which I am guilty of no crime, and especially not the one you learned that imputed to me. I hope that future debates will allow our compatriots to know what is the role played by all stakeholders and at all levels. You also know what I think some of these spectacular arrests. Wikileaks is also made wide coverage.
Mr. President,
November 06, 1982, I ran behind your procession Warda junction to the roundabout of the school of Bastos. I was a young top executive of the Snh, and at that time, I was proud of my country. Subsequently I was seduced by your speech and I am committed heart and soul behind you, convinced to participate in building a society of peace and justice. I tried with all my strength to work in this direction. And you know. Our compatriots also learn it.
You gave me the opportunity to serve our country at a very high level. I did it with enthusiasm, commitment and I hope modestly, with some skill. As I have said in the message of New Year greetings that I sent you on December 30, I will continue to serve in the place where you will assign me to help make our country a country of peace andof Justice. And where I am, I can assure you that my enthusiasm and commitment to these noble causes remain intact.
I was your aide for seventeen (17) years continuously. First as a special adviser, then as Secretary General of the Presidency of the Republic and finally as Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization for nearly a decade…I served you loyally, honestly and without prejudice. As you well know, all these years, I have always refused to be a courtier. (For example, I have consistently refused to join in the folklore of the various editions of “Call of the people”). I always preferred to keep a freedom that allowed me to give you, the independent-minded, advice you to manage state affairs in the best interest of our country.
It was not an easy position to take for me, in a context and environment that are ours, because I was not a loved a long time, or your native culture area. However, I felt that this position, even if you sometimes annoyed, was still appreciated by you, which would justify the exceptional length and I would say the intensity of our cooperation.
This independence of mind enabled me to tell you, after the 2004 presidential election, this seven that should be the last for you and we should all mobilize to the success of “great ambitions” so that your output politics takes place with fanfare, that you enjoyed a well deserved rest, inside our country.
Was it a crime of high treason? It is possible! But honestly I expressed what I thought at the time be in your interest and that of our country. My belief at the time was an additional term would mandate too. As we shall see, harassment and vindictiveness towards me date from that time and now I’m paying perhaps for this lucid frankness.
This freedom also allowed me to express an honest opinion, as illustrated by the following three examples, concerning the government of the Republic:
a) After the formation of the government resulting from the 2004 presidential election, you have given me a hearing at which you asked me what people think of the government.
I told you they think that with a staff of about seventy-five (65) and related ministers, the government is bloated and lack of efficiency.
Between annoyance and irritation, you made the remarks: “… Minister of State, you are how many ministers in this government? Maybe ten (10) or fifteen (15) at most. The rest are officials to whom I gave the title “.
I answered: “… That may be true, Mr. President. But the problem is that these officials themselves, of themselves as ministers. ”
Dialogue about it stopped there.
b) Similarly, on the eve of a reorganization, you did me the honor, during a hearing, wondering about a compatriot. I told you that this gentleman did not deserve to sit on the Government of the Republic. You have developed arguments that convinced me that your decision was already made. I have then said, “… Mr. President, in case you nommeriez the government, do not entrust to a particular ministry.” We know the rest.
c) Finally, after the formation of government in which Mr. Issa Tchiroma became a minister (to thwart my ambitions, according to some), you have given me a hearing at which you asked me what People think of the new government. I told you that Mr. Issa san detour Tchiroma does not deserve to sit on the Government of the Republic. You and I and others (including himself) to know what I mean. I told you also that I never will work with him.
Until now, people think that our “enmity” is political because we are rivals in the same constituency. It has nothing to do and the future will prove it.
Mr. President,
When vindictiveness towards me started, I treated with indifference gossip reports of my disloyalty to you and I have refrained from bothering you. But when your closest entourage returned to the dance, I thought it every time I open to you.
Thus, when in November 2007, he was asked the prefect of the department Mfoundi to “extend to custody for administrative fifteen (15) days, renewable” for twenty (20) people including eighteen (18) soldiers of various ranks, I have instructed the Governor of the Central Province and the prefect of the department Mfoundi not to execute and comply strictly with the provisions of the law. I’ve realized by note dated November 21, 2007. They were reportedly released a few months later on your instructions.
A few days after the refusal of the territorial administration to endorse this masquerade, I learned that you were reports that those involved would be my accomplices in an attempt to undermine the institutions of the Republic.
Faced with this very serious accusation and before the réccurrence reports that you were able consistently negative about me from some pharmacies and on which you do not tell me anything, I had to listen carefully to one of the many offers of use to me were made regularly at international level. I hoped that my departure would preserve the quality of the relationships I have had the honor to speak with you. I have expressed as well as my desire to leave the government during a hearing on 30 November 2007. You explained to me that you still need me and that what concerned you, yet you made me complete confidence.
However, I must remind your attention the following facts, among others:
a) After the riots of February 2008, the negative reports against me intensified. To my detractors, my constant refusal to ban or seize the papers and my approach to the problems of avoiding an overly and unnecessarily violent response and a systematic repression, sufficiently proved my lack of loyalty to you.
Again, I’m struck by memorandum dated March 5, 2008 to remind you that the government department headed by I, is too delicate to be headed by someone who would not enjoy your confidence.
I also took the opportunity of this note to draw your attention to the incestuous relationships that tended to develop between the state and the CPDM party, in light of correspondence relating to me from the Minister of Justice to the Secretary General of the party.
b) In a report sewn with white thread, dated July 24, 2008, the Assam Mvondo MP, Vice-President of the Commission of Defence and Security in the National Assembly and also your nephew, referring to “different notes earlier, “you said” the ambition of a great national destiny “that drives me and my” strategy of conquest of power “.
I grabbed a note dated 17 September 2008 to “respectfully request the opening of an investigation into these serious allegations.”
During a subsequent hearing, I discussed the need to expedite this investigation, you said that your nephew does not know what it does, you have me warmly renewed your confidence and you asked me to ignore the incident.
Did I thank you all by saying that if the member Mvondo Assam does not know what he does, he should not occupy a sensitive position in the National Assembly.
c) In February 2010, I have been banned from leaving the country. This illegal action was released roughly when I chaired the Joint Committee in Bertoua security between Cameroon and the Central African Republic, at the head of a Cameroonian delegation of five (5) members of the government to seven (7) members CAR government. I stoically facing my responsibilities.
On my return to Yaounde, I requested a hearing at which I’ve submitted my resignation again. On this occasion, I have reiterated the urgent need to appoint to head the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization someone who would enjoy not only your confidence but also that we would leave with peace of mind. Again you have refused my resignation and you gave me renewed your confidence.
d) Prior to the convening of the electorate in the presidential election on October 9, you made me get by the Director of Civil Cabinet. A first! It told me that I received on your behalf and you wanted to know if I would introduce myself against you in this election. I was shocked because in doing so, you give credence to the rumor that you had been reported many times that I would have created a clandestine political party.
I told the director of civil cabinet to tell you that I was hurt both by the content of the message by the way it was issued. I told him also to reassure you, as a matter of responsibility and to avoid untimely crisis, I will do my duty during the sensitive period before, during and after elections, so that peace is preserved in our country. But after this election, given the continuing erosion of trust for nearly (07) years and finally the apparent loss of it, I could hear my work with you to continue in government.
I expressed to my family from the injury and the decision not to include the government after the presidential election.
After the close of the filing of applications and have found that mine was not among them, the director of civil cabinet received me again to tell me not to overinterpret your message that went beyond your thoughts and soon you would get me to remove any ambiguity. I replied that I was not requesting a hearing and that my decision not to join the government after the presidential election was not negotiable. I then measured the full import of these words of Fenelon to Louis XIV: “You were born, Sir, with a heart right and fair, but those who raised you do not you have given to science of government, that distrust” .
e) After I left government, a newspaper in fury and orders, began to prepare public opinion (as is now usual) for my incarceration ahead, ignoring the passage of our country’s interests.
Thus the whole world will learn that I am the head of an army of 6,000 rebel! To date, I have not been asked about this stated aim of destabilization that would have been gutted. To my knowledge, those who have posted this rudeness had not been either. It limited itself to saying that vulgarity is the argument to stupidity if not it is our country suffering the image pre-insurgency.
Similarly, this obsession to link me to France, while it is in Cameroon it is! Notes of information you come by which France’s ambassador in Yaounde often come to my home in secret, in an unmarked car, so that we develop plans to destabilize our country.
Also, information is distilled in the public about my alleged relationship with a French industrialist who would often meet me clandestinely in Garoua for the same purpose.Our country would have become a sieve so that one enters without a visa or make a landing aircraft without prior authorization of overflight?
Mr. President,
You know me very well. I do not hide my views or my actions. So you understand that having regained my freedom of speech as being no longer bound by any obligation of solidarity or reserve, I can expose, exchange and share with all our compatriots my ideas and thoughts that I reserved for you in our sole or that I was developing that during the closed meetings. These ideas and thoughts relate particularly to the peace and justice.
And before concluding, let me assure you that the bottom of my dungeon, I have neither hatred nor regret, and I do not fed or melancholy or bitterness. Above all, I have no suicidal impulse. If anything happened to me accidentally, it would not be my doing, nor for any meal that I am delivering to my family. Although it did not particularly afraid of death, I would like if this unfortunate event occurred, the responsibilities are well established.
Marafa Hamidou Yaya
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