Southern Cameroons Patriotic Coalition Official Kidnapped: Disappeared? Kondengui? By Martin Yembe

Word has just filtered to us from Kondengui that a prominent Southern Cameroons Youth League Activist Felix Ngalim, 32, was whisked off from Bamenda, Tuesday April 24 and taken staright to the Kondengui maximum prison.
According to an anonymous call from a Southern Cameroons officer who accompanied Ngalim to prison, the activist seemingly had a problem with another activist in Bamenda, and the one decided to rush to the police and report that Ngalim is one of those planning to carry out a heavy onslaught on citizens of La Republique resident in the southern cameroons. The caller insisted that if the international community, especially the African Commission does not come to the rescue of this freedom fighter fast enough, life will be snuffed out of him. He reminded us that Ngalim’s arrest brought to memory thye spectacular escape of Chairman, Comrade akwanga ebenezar from the same Kondengui prison. So, they will not want a second escape to occur, and so plans are to eliminate Ngalim forth-with.
It should be recalled that Ngalim Felix is the young man who was dragged out of Mbinglo Hitler’s grave at the All Saints cemetry by LRC police agents, simply because he had on him a black T-shirt with the map and inscriptions of Southern Cameroons on it. Ngalim Felix is the President of the Mezam Youth Forum, as well as a member of the Patriotic Coalition Front, grouping members of the SCNC, SCYL, SCAPO, etc. He was in possession of some books written by Mola Njoh Litumbe on the truth about the Southern Cameroons problem.
The question many are asking on the streets of the Southern Cameroons is what has become of the long awaited Verdict on the appeal on Communication 266 at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights at Banjul! Is this the type of institutions an enslaved and colonized peoples can depend on? No is the common answer. If nothing is done by the ACHPR for the release of Ngalim Felix immediately, the situation could lead to an explosion.

Report by Martin Fon YEMBE
Coordinator Global Information Network, West and Central African Region
Human Rights journalist, trained by ACHPR for Human Rights Reporting, Yaoundé 2010.
Tel: (237) 77370238/ (237) 97039491
Email: /
Bamenda, West Africa

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