No Better than Paul Biya

The sorry thing about clamours for change in Cameroun is that those braying for change are no better than Biya. They do not proffer an alternative that is credible or better. All we have here are a bunch of fools (fellows who systematically repudiate knowledge), hardened criminals, con artists, mad men, fugitives from the law, and other heehaws braying very loudly: Clowns parading for our general entertainment. All these dastards want is for Biya to remove his foot from their necks so that they place their own elephantine feet on the neck of others, for Biya and his clique to stop stealing so that they get their own grubby paws into the state treasury. It is much unfortunate. See what the SDF, that we all believed in and slaved for has become.
My firm conviction is that a day will come (very soon) when one
wearing the mantle of genuine change would emerge. Only then will the Camerounese people wake up from their stupour and stand up for change.
Prophet Ntemfac Nchwete Ofege

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