Victims of Land Mines…Culled from Den of Lions I by Ntemfac Ofege

Victims of Landmines Other human rights observers pile on the tally. For example, facts, figures and pictures available to the Bamenda-based Human Rights Defense Group, the Human Rights Clinic (HURCLED Centre) show that between 1990 and 1993, the Biya regime systematically helicopter dropped booby-trapped objects (live grenades and anti-personnel landmines), shaped like wrist watches, ear-rings and other toys in almost all Bamenda-Southern Cameroons loci of SDF rallies. Children and youths who picked up, or stepped on, such objects – Made in China – had their members amputated forthwith. Joseph Awah, for example, first from left of the picture, was a volunteer member of Opposition Leader John Fru Ndi’s security detail had his right hand severed when he picked up a wrist watch that had been dropped into Fru Ndi’s Mercedes. The Biya regime never dropped these live grenades in French Cameroun, not even in Douala which was famed for its anti-Biya rallies in 1990-1993, known to Francophones as ‘Les années des braises.’ To date, the Commander-in-Chief of the Camerounese Army and his generals, who, definitely, gave the Code Red for these criminal activities, have has not accounted for these maiming. Cameroun is a signatory to the UN Ban on the use of anti-personnel land mines especially in civilian areas yet the current Defense Minister, Edgar Abraham Alain Mebe Ngo’o, (a most probable candidate for economic and war crimes in the Cameroons) has ordered containers of improved land mines, tear gas canisters, etc. from France and China in readiness for the trouble coming to the Biya regime. It had been computed that not less than 1.000 Camerounians have been killed by the regime from 1990 to date in the struggle to institute a democratic system in the Cameroons.