The Thrust of the New Southern Cameroons Case – Communications 337/2007 at the African Court

Broadly speaking in Communication 33/2007, the State of the Southern Cameroons is asking the “Court”/African Commission to declare La Republique du Cameroon to be in violation of Article 4(b) of the Constitutive Act of the African Union with respect to the westward expansion of the international boundary of La Republique du Cameroun to include the former UN Trust territory of the Southern Cameroons.  State parties to the African Constitutive Act are committed (Article 4b) to respecting the borders they inherited at independence. That is their recognized international boundary.

It is likely that 337 will anchor not only on the AU Constitutive Act but also on the UN Charter and other International Instruments eg if LRC says (as they already did in Communication 266: Kevin Ngwang Gumne and Others Vs LRC) that SC voted later on to join them, it may also be necessary to go into whether or not there is a legal instrument (Treaty of Union) signed by SC and LR and registered at the UN Secretariat in compliance with Article 102 of the UN charter, etc.