La Republique du Cameroon’s 50th Anniversary Army Day in Bamenda

Sources say that as part of its 50th Anniversary Celebrations, the president of Cameroun, Mr Paul Biya plans a giant Army Day celebration in Bamenda, the main city of the North West Region of Cameroon.

The North West Region is part of the two English-speaking parts  of Cameroon. Two separatist organisations thriving in these parts – the Southern Cameroons National Council and the Southern Cameroons Peoples Organisation, recently won a landmark case at the Banjul African Commission for Human and Peoples Rights, which ruling demanded the Biya regime to negotiate with the SCNC/SCAPO within 180 days.

The Banjul Ruling also recognised the English-speaking regions and constituting a people with attendant rights.

Mr Biya is yet to comply.